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Students and Parents to make note of the following:-

  • Attendance on the opening day of the School after any vacation is COMPULSORY.
  • The authorities expect punctuality, cleanliness, regularity and righteous conduct from the students.
  • Students seeking leave must submit application in the prescribed form as given in the Pupil Diary before or immediately after the period of leave, duly signed by the parent/guardian.
  • Students suffering from infectious diseases should not attend the School. After Recovery they should produce leave application along with Medical Certificate and Fitness from the Doctor.
  • Parents are not expected to visit their wards/teachers in the classrooms.
  • No tiffin, book or any other item will be accepted from parents/guardians at the reception.
  • The school makes provision for Parent Teacher Meetings where both parents are expected to be present.
  • Any wilful damage to the School property including scribbling or inscribing on the furniture, school walls, toilet doors etc. is a serious offence. Besides penalty that may be imposed on the student, parents shall be liable to make good the loss.
  • The School owns no responsibility if a student is ordered to go back home for his/her failure to be in proper uniform or for any misconduct.
  • Students are not allowed to bring motorized vehicles to School without a valid license and helmet (for two-wheelers).
  • No student should carry money in excess of Rs. 50/- without any valid reason.
  • Students should not carry any objectionable material (eg. Cell Phone, I-pods, Cosmetics etc.)orany other expensive item.