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A Bhavanite is motivated to be instilled with Postivity, Nobility, Generosity, Spirituality, Humanity and Honesty.


  • To educate, prepare and equip children not only for living a purposeful life but also for shouldering all the responsibilities of life.
  • To impart education in a manner that the students acquire a modern outlook and yet have their roots in Indian Culture.
  • To develop young individuals who can, think, question and are curious through enquiry based active learning.
  • To develop in the child an inquisitive spirit and a capacity for effective self expressions.
  • To foster academic excellence, psychological and physical health,social consciousness and concern for environment.
  • To attain skills and attitudes which will fit them for life in the rapidly changing world of the new millennium.
  • To generate in the child the spirit of tolerance and the desire to help others in a practical way.
  • To make the individual competent of carrying the society and nation to the horizons of progress and solidarity.